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Points of Parity and Points of Difference Essay Example For Students

Purposes of Parity and Points of Difference Essay Sharma family’ house Noon time, mother has served the nourishment for her child, came back from the school†¦. Mother : Darshil!! Darshil!!! Beta khana kha lo!! Child: Shiii ye sabji mujhe pasand nahi†¦ Bruno(dog) tu kha le†¦.. ye roti ye bhi le!!! Mother: Darshil ye kya kar raha he!! ISE KUCH BHI KHILAO KHATA HI NAHI†¦ AUR POSHAN ADHUA REHE JATA HE!! KOI ESA DRINK NAHI JO WO PASAND BHI KARE AUR USE SAMPOORNA POSHAN BHI MILE!! Nearly in each house where children are there we see this circumstance occurring. Along these lines pretty much every parent is pondered about the total wellbeing food, the same number of children don't care for eating the home made food. Accordingly guardians will in general feed milk to their children, believing that milk is consistently the essential wellspring of sustenance for kids and is the most extravagant wellspring of protein. Since Protein is fundamental for development and advancement of the body, it is worried upon in diet for kids. Be that as it may, according to the specialists just milk is definitely not a total beverage for kids, they need something more to give a total sustenance regardless of whether the youngster doesn't eat legitimate food thus guardians are consistently in look for such an item which won't just give the taste and flavor to drain yet in addition are strengthened with minerals like iron and nutrient C which milk needs. Children require adjusted eating routine which supports their development and advancement. In this manner kids are prescribed to eat a greater amount of nourishments that contain protein like milk, heartbeats, and dairy items, a greater amount of vegetables and natural products for its nutrients and less of lousy nourishment that gives void calories. Numerous organizations are in the market with their items as complete wellbeing items, for example, Complan, Bournvita, Horlics and so forth yet the parent is constantly pondered which is the best wellbeing drink to purchase for their children? COMPAN VS HORLICS Points of Differentiation: Product insightful: Fundamental supplements for kids: Look for these parts while picking any healthful enhancement for kid. * Calcium-Required for building solid bones and continuing an ordinary advancement of the body. * Phosphorous-Research shows that phosphorous assumes a significant job in arrangement of bones alongside calcium and is likewise helpful in assimilation, discharge and upkeep of liquids and tissues. * Protein †Proteins are the structure squares of the body, and are constituents everything being equal, tissues and furthermore are answerable for development and fix of the body. Unsaturated fats Fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 unsaturated fats are basic for mental health, improving fixation, helping memory and managing states of mind swings. * Vitamins and minerals-Vitamins and minerals are fundamental for your kid’s improvement. Nutrient B complex is required to satisfy practically all real capacities, nutrient C is important to build up an invulnerable framework, zinc is required for solid nerve endings and iron is required for better transportation of oxygen in the circulation system. Per 100 gm| Complan| Horlics| Protein (gm)| 18| 11| Sugars (gm)| 62| 13. 94| Fat (gm)| 11| 2. 0| Calcium (mg)| 800| 741| Phosphorus (mg)| 780| 280| 1serve (gm)| 33(two scoops)| 27(two scoops)| Drinks per pack| 15| 18| These items likewise contrast from one another on the value factor. Cost consistently have been the powerless purpose of Complan. The individuals who has utilized this brand realize that its great yet was frightfully costly contrasted with the other profoundly promoted brands. Progressively over the brand was somewhat befuddled with respect to its situating and correspondence, Complan(500 gm. rs. 154) is bit expensive than Horlicks(500 gm. rs. 138). There is Complan that vows to give 100% milk protein with 23 crucial supplements, trailed by Bournvita flaunting that it is the beverage of the genuine achievers lastly Horlicks which vows to make your child, ‘Taller, Stronger and Sharper’. Complan is accessible in four flavors those are normal, chocolate, caramel, mango. Though Horlics is accessible in chocolate , caramel flavors. Purposes of Parity: Both are filling in as a nourishing beverage for kids Both are accessible in various sizes of tops off Both are accessible in the roll structure

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Term Paper Help - How to Get Term Paper Help?

Term Paper Help - How to Get Term Paper Help?If you are looking for help on writing your term papers, this article can help you find that help. In this article, I will explain to you how to get term paper help. You should follow the tips in this article in order to get term paper help.When you are writing a term paper, it is important that you write the papers according to the topic. It is also important that you know your topic. It is necessary that you take your time to read up on the topic. It is better that you prepare all the paper topics and come up with one particular topic. As the topic you select for your term paper is the main reason why you write the paper.The first tip to help you get term paper help is that you write the papers according to the topic. You should spend more time and effort in this. You should try to find out the main issues or themes of the topic that you are going to write about. While doing this, you should make sure that you check up on the topic. As t his will make your paper easier to read and follow.Second tip to help you get term paper help is that you research the topic thoroughly. As the topic you are writing for should be related to the subject that you have studied. Therefore, it is very important that you find out the main points of the topic. It is also important that you find out the major problems of the topic.The third tip to help you get term paper help is that you keep an outline for your paper. You should find out the outline of the paper and write down your ideas before writing the paper. It is also important that you make a list of the important points of the paper. It is also important that you review the list at least once a day. As this will help you maintain your ideas and thoughts.The fourth tip to help you get term paper help is that you practice your writing and research. You should make sure that you write and research as much as possible. You should study and read up on the topic. It is also necessary th at you read and understand your assignment before writing the paper. When you are able to practice your work in writing and researching, you will be able to avoid errors in the term paper.The fifth tip to help you get term paper help is that you do not edit the paper. In the editing process, you need to ensure that you do not edit the paper. Instead, you should focus on your writing and research process. It is also important that you think about the paper while writing the paper. As this will make the paper easy to read and understand.If you want to get term paper help, all you need to do is to follow the tips given above. Try to improve your writing skills and work on your research as much as possible. If you use these tips, you will be able to get term paper help very soon.

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All quiet on the Western Front1 essays

All peaceful on the Western Front1 expositions At whatever point one peruses or catches wind of World War I or World War II, you know about the battles and triumphs of the British, Americans or any of different Allies. Furthermore, they generally talk about the insidious and threatening German armed force. In any case, All Quiet on the Western Front gives the peruser some understanding and a glance at a gathering of youthful German companions who are battling in World War I. This story is neither an allegation nor an admission, and in particular an experience, for death isn't an undertaking to the individuals who stand up close and personal with it. It will attempt essentially to recount an age of men who, despite the fact that they may have gotten away from its shells, were pulverized by the war..... The troopers of this war felt they were neither saints nor did they realize what they were battling for. These troopers were pulled from the guiltlessness of their adolescence, and tossed into a universe of fury. However some way or another they despite everything figured out how to have heart and confidence in humanity and couldn't look at the adversary without flinching and murder him. For he was man as well, he too had a spouse and youngsters at home, he also was pulled out of his home to battle for a reason he didn't comprehend. The friends were educated to battle. They were educated to execute the British and their partners. The friends had no close to home motivation to battle with the other, then again, actually it was a request and should be finished. They were not battling in light of the fact that they held a solid enthusiasm for their nation, or felt profoundly for the reason for the war. Albert basically states, ...practically we all are basic people. Also, in France, as well, most of men are workers, laborers, or poor representatives. Presently exactly for what reason would a French metal forger or a French shoemaker need to assault us? No, its only the rulers. I had never observed a Frenchman I came here, and it will be only the equivalent with most of Frenchmen as respects us. They weren't gotten some information about it any increasingly then we were. These troopers needed enthusiasm for the war. They ... <!

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Scripting Stage Space in Oedipus the King and Hamlet

Literary people have long been studying and teaching plays as if they were meant to be read rather than performed. A central part of a plays meaning is the way it was originally designed to work on stage. William Shakespeares Hamlet and Sophocles Oedipus the King have long been included on academic lists for scholarly study as literary texts. As someone who has studied both texts in just the manner Hornby mentions, I would suggest that what is lost when a scholar treats a play text as literature is precisely that `central part of the plays meaning which is illuminated by consideration of how a play was `designed to work on stage. I intend to look at the crucial opening moments of each play, heeding Hornbys words, and†¦show more content†¦The public space before the skene becomes charged with negative energy, the moans and wails from the body of people cause the negative energy to seep outwards towards the audience creating a truly horrific space, which the audience find themselves within. Onto this horrific scene enters Oedipus the King, presumably from the doors of the palace of Thebes, commanding the immediate attention of both the Thebans, gathered in supplication, and also the audience watching the play. The confused and chaotic gaze of the audience is focused to one singular point on the stage. This movement from many to one point of view is pleasurable for the audience and gives Oedipus immediate elevated status. The audience looks towards him in anticipation, as do the Thebans. `Children (p.25) says Oedipus to the Thebans of all ages, reinforcing his position of almost godlike authority. This image of King Oedipus, in a position of such power over these many devastated people, plus the further numbers the audience is forced to contemplate in an offstage world, `more sit in the market-place, carrying boughs like these (p.26), is striking indeed. One will remember it in the final stages of the play when Oedipus power is diminished, just as the audience will be fo rced to note the imagery depicting Oedipus downfall as his mask is changed for the final scenes from one reflecting his characterisation as `mature,

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My Philosophy of Education Essay - 1519 Words

Philosophy of Education If I had to pick one view that is most compatible with my own view and learning and teaching it would have to be Constructivism. If I got to choose another one I would go with Cognitive. Constructivism is a view that focuses on the active role of the learner and a Cognitive view sees learning as an active mental process of receiving, remembering, and using knowledge. Both of these views see the role of students as an active role; an involved role. I believe that we learn knowledge and change our behavior based upon this knowledge; instead of the other way around. I used to be somewhat of a behaviorist in that I put too much of the teachers focus on the behavior of the students. I have began to stray away†¦show more content†¦Just because something was used and found to be successful in the past doesn’t mean it should be used now; and if it’s won’t work I’m obviously not going to use it. A good combination of views and techniques is the most suffice way to obtain a philosophy of your own. Every pure philosophy, by itself, has faults. I refuse to rely on one point of view to be the guideline to how I prepare my students for the future. There is a certain code if you will to how a teacher should act and just as important how he should present himself. I assumed that these rules were a given; that everyone automatically knew them. Unfortunately I was wrong. Some of today’s teachers do not know anything about either of these guidelines. A teacher should not only dress accordingly but more importantly act appropriately. Showing kindness to all of ones students should be a main priority. Avoid becoming a pushover, but become a friend to your students. This is where I think my old philosophy became a little too idealistic. I touched on this earlier and once again I think that the teacher student relationship has become too impersonal and a friendship between a teacher and a student is not very common in today’s classroom. A friendly, trusting teacher-student relationship is hard to obtain. A mutual respect can be more easily obtained and will create a better more effective learning environment. I t is also important that aShow MoreRelatedMy Philosophy On The Philosophy Of Education844 Words   |  4 PagesIn mathematics, as in life, everything must be brought to the simplest of terms. I base my teaching philosophy on the foundation that every student is capable of learning mathematics. I will strive, as a teacher, to ensure that my students are able to have a strong foundation of mathematical skills when they leave my classroom. Some students believe that they are not mathematically gifted; therefore, incapable of learning mathematics. I believe to the contrary, all students with motivation, sustainedRead MoreMy Philosophy On Philosophy Of Education852 Words   |  4 PagesMy Philosophy of Education My philosophy of education is founded on a belief that all students have a desire to learn and to feel accepted. Learning takes place when students are able to have their specific needs meet inside the classroom, to feel accepted in the environment, and find the learning to be meaningful. I believe that before learning can take place a proper educational environment must be present inside the classroom. In order to make any classroom work I believe you need meet three criteriaRead MoreMy Philosophy Of Education As A Education864 Words   |  4 Pagesdifferent philosophy of education, and what purpose education serves in a child’s life. The five philosophies of education that we recognize are: Essentialism, Perennialism, Progressivism, Social Reconstructionism, and Existentialism. I would most recognize my philosophy of education as Essentialism. Essentialism has been a dominant influence in American education since World War II. It focuses on core curriculum of traditional academic topics. I believe that the purpose of education is teachingRead MoreMy Philosophy of Education824 Words   |  4 Pages13 February 2011 My Philosophy of Education I believe that progressivism educational philosophy most closely matches my educational ideals. In my opinion based on the progressivism educational philosophy, the purpose of education is to enable students to learn useful knowledge that has meaning to them in the future. Thus, the most useful education for students is the skill of â€Å"learning how to learn†. When students understand the methodsRead MoreMy Philosophy Of Education And Education1038 Words   |  5 PagesMy Philosophy of Education When trying coming up with a personal philosophy of education, I had to ask myself what the purpose of education is. To me, the purpose of education is to teach students knowledge that is needed to make it through school and to succeed in the world after graduation. Anyone can go into teaching, but not every teacher can teach. Teachers go above and beyond to introduce methods, philosophies, and strategies to help their students learn, as well as, retain the informationRead MoreMy Education Philosophy 1511 Words   |  6 PagesPersonal Mission Statement Education is the imparting and acquiring of knowledge and skills through teaching and learning. As an educator, my personal mission statement is to master my subject area in order to serve as a role model for my students thereby producing students who thoroughly understand the subject matter, and who develop holistically. In order to achieve this goal I must have a set education philosophy with a strong Christian worldview. I must also have a general understanding of theRead MoreMy Philosophy Of Education1056 Words   |  5 PagesPhilosophy of Student Engagement My philosophy of education is that every child should receive high quality education that is inclusive, relevant and meaningful to their life. I am a firm believer of making pedagogy relatable to my students. My vision is driven by my personal experiences with the American school system. I was what is thought of as â€Å"A child at risk†. I am an immigrant, black, Muslim student. My life is transactional as I am a part of multiple marginalized groups. Most of my teachersRead MoreMy Philosophy Of Education And Education864 Words   |  4 PagesPhilosophy of Education Children are the future and their education is the key to our society’s success. When considering this, I realize I have an immense responsibility as an educator. The main focuses of my teaching are active learning, building character within students, and providing meaningful curriculum. I want to create a comfortable setting where every student feels safe to learn. In many ways, my philosophy agrees with the holistic approach to education. I feel this challenges the studentRead MoreMy Philosophy on Education814 Words   |  3 PagesMy Philosophy of Education I think when I made the decision to become a teacher I was not thinking the seriousness of this decision. When we become teachers we also become the molder that will shape our student to be successful in life. But when you decide to become a teacher in a Christian school you are not only shaping this student to be successful in life but we are also shaping their Christian mind to do things with a feeling knowing that they are shape and where made by the image of GodRead MoreMy Philosophy Of Education1015 Words   |  5 Pagesimmediately sparked my interest in becoming an educator and share my personal beliefs on the important aspects of education. In addition to this, I will present various traits I believe are essential and critical for teachers to successfully fulfill their role as an educator. During my elementary years, I developed an urge to frequently ask many questions during the school day. Being able to question anything was astonishing to me. This was because my parents were unable to answer my questions and help

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Management - 972 Words

Each box to be filled in with a value is worth 1 point. Data Table 1 The Atmosphere †¦. | Greenhouse Gas Composition (in ppm) | Equilibrium Atmospheric Temperature (in  °F) | | H2O(water vapor) | CO2(carbon dioxide) | CH4(methane) | N2O(nitrous oxide) | | With NO Greenhouse Gases | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | -1 | Today | 70% Relative Humidity | 388ppm | 1.843ppm | 0.317ppm | 57 | Ice Age | ? | 180ppm | 0.380ppm | 0.215ppm | 37 | Data Table 2 Concentration of Greenhouse Gases(in ppm) | Number of Clouds | Equilibrium Atmospheric Temperature (in  °F) | 0 | 0 | -2 | 0 | 3 | 17 | Data Table 3 Number of Glass Panes | Equilibrium Atmospheric Temperature (in  °F) | | | 0 | -2 | 1 | 88 | Data Table 4 Gas†¦show more content†¦It seemed that the infrared photons were moving upwards without any movement. When you added the gas planes, the were a bit more scattered. | 2. Your car has been parked outside on a cold but sunny day. When you get in the car, it is much warmer than the air outside. In 2 or 3 sentences, explain, based on the results of experiment 3, why this happens. Be sure to tie both solar and infrared radiation into your explanation. The sunlight photons allows for the infrared photons not to settle all the way down. | 3. In 2 sentences, explain, based on the results of experiment 3, why the word â€Å"greenhouse† correctly describes the effect of gases like carbon dioxide and water vapor in our atmosphere. I believe that the elevation of the average surface temp allows what would be in the absence of the gases | Experiment 4 1. Based solely on the results of Experiment 4, which of the gases used in the experiment are greenhouse gases? In 1 or 2 sentences, explain how this was determined. In this experiement CH4, Co2, ans H2O where the green house gases | 2. Based solely on the results of Experiment 4, of the gases you listed in question 1. above, which gas is the â€Å"best† greenhouse gas? In 1 or 2 sentences, explain how this was determined. Methane | 3. In analyzing the data collected for the number of visible photons absorbed for each of the atmospheric gases used inShow MoreRelatedManagement : Management And Management1504 Words   |  7 Pagesassuring an organization to be able to run smoothly is called as Management. Managers are capable to make decisions that will impact an organization in every phase. These decisions vary from employing new staff to taking a company public. Management is not an easy task, and good managers are highly respected. Management is like investment. Its main purpose is to extract the most out of every resource available in the organization. Management can be called as achieving targets in such a way that all theRead MoreManagement : Management And Management Essay1740 Words   |  7 Pagesproposals, and compliance training must meet the standards and requirements of both organizational structures, requiring Mr. Aranda to be fluent in both organizational cultures. Mr. Aranda was chosen for this project due to my observance of his management capabilities over the past twelve years. Mr. Aranda was an engineering technician who then earned a BS in business, resulting in being promoted to Engineering Manager, which enabled me to observe his triumphs and failures, and watch the evolutionRead MoreManagement Theory Of Management And Management937 Words   |  4 Pagesbeen used in company management. However, management of company could not be effective if only rely on theories. In fact, a good company development requires not only suitable theories selection but also consistency with practice in appropriate organization environment. Further, a company’s successful also need team work, creatively to together process. This essay focuses on how to make the company management effectively with some cases. There is no doubt that theory of management plays an importantRead MoreThe Theory Of Management And Management1690 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Management is one of the remarkable activities within human society began with a group or to an larger organization that are able to accomplish a same goals and objectives, by defining what is management and how is important to human being society many management theorists have produces (many models that can be used for successful organization change and winners respond to the past and complexity of change and adapt learn and act quickly (Mildred,G. Sonia T. 2008 ) different theoriesRead MoreLeadership, Management And Management1081 Words   |  5 PagesLeadership and Management Businesses require some sort of hierarchy of power to be successful. They cannot operate on the basis that everyone has the same job level if they plan to make a profit. However, the individuals that are placed in the higher power positions fall into two categories, leaders and managers. Many would say these are the same thing, when in reality they are not. They are two different styles that are used when operating a business and using the right one at the right time isRead MoreLeadership, Management, And Management876 Words   |  4 PagesLeadership and Management Name Institutional Affiliation Leadership and Management The achievements of organizations depend on their management and the manner in which their leaders conduct several operations within the organization. It is worth mentioning that successful organizations attribute their positive impacts in the market and general employee-employer relation to the influence spearheaded by the management team (Hiriyappa, 2013). This paper narrows down to evaluateRead MoreManagement And Functions Of Management1063 Words   |  5 PagesManagement in business and associations is the capacity that facilitates the endeavors of individuals to achieve objectives and targets utilizing accessible assets proficiently and adequately. Management includes planning, arranging, staffing, heading or steering, and controlling an association to achieve the objective. Resourcing includes the arrangement and control of human assets, budgetary assets, innovative assets, and regular assets. Administration is additionally a scholarly teach, a socialRead MoreQuality Management : Management And Management932 Words   |  4 Pageslines, it became more commonly understood that quality management may help organizations to repeat work less often, as the initial product or service that was delivered, was of a higher caliber, resulting favorably for the company as well as for the client. Quality management has now become a more regularly used practice throughout all phases of projects, allowing project managers to operate with a clear, defined process, and letting upper management determine if work should stop short for the sake ofRead MoreThe Concept Of Management And Management1147 Words   |  5 Pagesconcept of MANAGEMENT different or what is exactly the reason that some organizations have great success while others suffering many types of failures? I came to release how far is the difference in a concept of Management in organizations that are operating nowadays around the world. It is controversy issue and a subject for discussion. The concept of Management is wider subject but we are going to focus on two notable aspects, which have the most obvious part of the diversities in management. TheseRead MoreLeadership, Management, And Management1270 Words   |  6 PagesLeadership and management are different. Leadership is the position a person holds as an administrative leader such as CEO-Chief Executive Officer. Management is the act of managing a business which consists of a body of people in positions of administrative authority. Business management consists of officers, directors and other people who have the authority of the business operation, organizations, duties, and work to be done. In management, emphasis is on delivering high quality products and

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Pahk the Cah in Hahvad Yahd free essay sample

Yankees Suck! Only in Boston could you get 35,000 screaming Red Sox fans to start chanting Yankees suck when they’re playing a national league team who has absolutely no effect over the American League East or the long standing Red Sox/Yankees rivalry. Even better when you look up at that big green monster and see that the last place Toronto Blue Jays are beating those Yankee jerks by one run in the top of the first inning, and all the already drunk adult guys are cheering. You look at your buddy next to you and laugh because the baseball game has hardly started at that point. But besides that, how about New York as a city? I would never live in New York over Boston, I don’t know who would ever sign their death certificate to live in a city like â€Å"New Yoork.† They’ve got the weirdest accents and one of the dirtiest cities in America. We will write a custom essay sample on Pahk the Cah in Hahvad Yahd or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Everybody over exaggerates their o’s so that you can walk through Times Square and get a â€Å"Haout Dog.† You can say what you want about the Boston accent, granted our alphabet is only twenty-five letters long but at least we don’t sound â€Å"retahded.† Not to mention the size of the city, Boston has close to the same amount of people if you add a zero, who would want to live with the hustle and bustle of 6 million people who carry on their lives as miserable businessmen and woman who really wish they could be somewhere else? When you really slow down and look around, what do you see? You see the businessman who makes too much money for him to be mature with talking loudly on the phone like everyone wants to hear his conversation. He probably drives a nice Mercedes with a gorgeous apartment that he can totally afford; only difference is that his mom probably comes over every Saturday to do his laundry. There is always the overweight cop that takes advantage of the thousands of doughnut shops and fast food restaurants. He’s paid ridiculous money to walk around and help lower the incredibly high crime rate in New York but you find at least 2 in every McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts you enter. You most definitely will see one of the 500,000 accountants and stock brokers that spend all day screaming at each other about not getting their Christmas bonus and who’s fault it is that America is billions of dollars in debt. Then you have the 47 million people who flock to New York as tourists each and ev ery year to see the same thing. Thousands and thousands of high rises and super skyscrapers; New York only has two really huge landmarks to see. What do you go to New York to see? You go to see the Statue of Liberty and Times Square; yes of course there is the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building but nobody goes on vacation to look at buildings? In Boston however, there are plenty of cool things to see. Why not check out Faneuil Hall where you can pack yourself to the point of explosion with all the different kinds of food. Walk around the historic North End full of all those loving Italian guys that keep pushing food towards you and treat you like you’re their long lost son. You can even go to one of the many breweries and try some Samuel Adams. Only in Boston would you have hundreds of skyscrapers shooting up into the sky and decorate the skyline, and as you walk through the streets there are a bunch of old historic buildings. It truly is a place of irony; histo ry and contemporary buildings combined, and home of the Christian Science Center. Yeah, you read that right, the Christian Science Center. Science and religion, in the same building, working together to prove Christ’s existence; we don’t tell too many people about that one. Weird huh? These facts help to create the best atmosphere for a city though. Compare the atmosphere of New York to Boston; at least in the city of Boston you can breath! There is basically one park in the entire city of New York, a park that’s riddled with crime and is completely unsafe to enter at night. Boston is riddled with parks from the Fenway’s and the Boston Common being known as the larger two where a total of 250,000 college kids run around and play ultimate Frisbee and football anywhere from one in the afternoon to one in the morning. You could never get away with that in New York! Boston is one gigantic playground for college kids who love to party and run around. The only thing you should be scared of in Boston is a campus cop putting a damper in your night for â€Å"excessive noise† or when your roommates engage in illegal activities. I would be more afraid of Paul Blart: Mall Cop if you asked me. So forget the fact that the Yankees suck and are terrible, which they are. New York is just a city over packed with a bunch of stiffs and unlovable people. Only in Boston do you find a city with a playground for a bunch of college kids. We have a city packed of funny (and often drunk) sports fanatics, and ironic buildings and locations. So overall, just because we have only 25 letters in our alphabet, there is nothing that New York has over Boston.